Light Up Letters

Add maximum impact, Hollywood style glamour to your event with our marquee style light up letters.
Absolutely guaranteed to make your event POP!!
A statement piece that you and your guests will always remember and a real focal point for stunning, fun images.
Your initials, LOVE, MR & MRS, a heart to show how you feel….. all possible to rent from our specialist collection.
Handcrafted from wood with solid backs to hide all those wires and a dimmer facility allowing them to be adjusted to suit venue lighting, the large characters from our range stand proudly at 1.25m tall!

Contact us today to see how we can LIGHT UP your life.

Image Credits: 1 – IC: Nikos Roussis.  2 – P&S: Tie the Knot, Santorini. IC: Nisha Ravji.  3 – P&S: Divine Weddings. IC: Alexander Hadji. 4 – P&S: Divine Weddings. IC: EVolokitina.  5 – IC: Nikos Gogas. 6 – P&S: Marvellous Weddings. IC: Events in Santorini. 7 – IC: Nikos Gogas. 8 – P&S: Santorini Wedding Planners. IC: Ben Wyatt Photography. 9 – P&S: Santorini Glam Weddings. 10 – IC: Nikos Gogas.  11 – P&S: Rocabella. IC: Vangelis Photography.  12 – P&S: Santorini Wedding Planners. IC: Ben Wyatt Photography.  13 – P&S: Tie the Knot, Santorini. IC: Thanasis Kaiafas.  14 – P&S: Stella & Moscha. IC: Nikos Gogas.  15 – IC: Nikos Gogas.  16 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy.  17, 19 & 21- IC: Nathan Wyatt Photography. 
KEY: P&S – Planning & Styling by.  IC – Image Credit (Photographer).