Macrame & Fabrics

Macrame has made a come back in a big way and we couldn’t be happier about it.
It’s a great way to add texture, a relaxed bo-ho retro vibe and elegance all at the same time, from one detail!
Another aspect of this beautiful wedding decor that we love so much is its versatility and how creative we can be with its designs and uses.
So if you are looking to add some to your wedding, contact us to make a piece that is just for YOU!

We love playing with fabrics and creating beautiful effects; this includes our particular favourite, dip dye!
Contact us to see how we can make a design that fits with your overall wedding theme!

Image Credits: 1 – IC: Alen Karupovic.  2, 4, 9 & 17 – IC: Nikos Gogas.  3 & 8 – P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Nisha Ravji.  5 – P&S: Stella & Moscha.  IC: Anna Roussos.  6 & 7 – P&S: Tie the Knot.  10 – P&S: Poema.  IC: Sandy & Odysseas.  11 & 15 – P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Thanasis Kaiafas.  12- P&S: Santorini Wedding Planners.  IC: Dimitris Paridis.  13 – P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Phosart.  16 – P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Anna Roussos.  20 – IC: Vangelis.  21 – P&S: Poema.
KEY: P&S – Planning & Styling by.  IC – Image Credit (Photographer).