Pergolas & Arches

There is no doubt that the scenery of Santorini is outstanding!
Made from organic, natural materials, our arches accentuate and frame the beauty that you will have behind you when you say your vows to one another surrounded by the ones you love.
These are just a sample of designs we can make, so please if you have something in mind let us know and see if we can help you bring that idea to life!

Image Credits: 1. P&S:  Julia & Evita.  2. P&S:  Tie the Knot.  IC: Phosart.  3 & 4. P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Chris & Ruth.  5.  P&S: Felicity Weddings.  IC: Eva Rendl.  6. P&S: 5Events.  IC: Vangelis.   7. P&S: SantoWeddings by MK.  IC: Elias Kordelakos.  8. P&S: Julia & Evita. IC: Lighthouse Photography.  9. P&S: Heras Weddings. IC: Nikos Gogas.  10. & 11. P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Chris & Ruth.  12. P&S: Bespoke Weddings Santorini.  13.  P&S: Julia & Evita.  IC: Anna Roussos.  14.  P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Chris & Ruth.  15.  P&S: Divine Weddings.  16. P&S: Sand & Lace.  IC: Lighthouse Photography.  17. IC: Alan Karupovic.  18. P&S: The Stars Inside.  IC: Rebecca Carpenter.  19.  P&S: Julia & Evita.  IC: Anna Roussos.  20. P&S: Tie the Knot.  22.  P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Nisha Ravji.  25.  P&S: 5Events.  IC: Vangelis.  27. P&S: Julia & Evita.  IC: Antonis Eleftherakis.  28. P&S: Divine Weddings.  29 & 30. P&S: Julia & Evita.  31.  P&S: Unique & Forever.  32. P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Thanasis Kaifas.  33. P&S: Tie the Knot.  IC: Elias Kordelakos.  34.  P&S: Julia & Evita.  IC: White on Black.  35. P&S: Tie the Knot.
KEY: P&S – Planning & Styling by.  IC – Image Credit (Photographer).